11/05/2010 03:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Man Who Stuffed Turkey Down His Pants Nabbed For Shoplifting (VIDEO)

When stealing an enormous turkey, stuffing it down your pants should not be option one.

Deon Williams was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to walk out of Bed-Stuy Fine Fare Grocery with an $84 Turkey jammed into his drawers.

The store's butcher, Sergio Marte, chased down Williams, and warned him, "I don't want to touch you -- just give me the turkey!"

From the New York Post:

Williams dumped [the turkey] on the street, and when Marte bent over to pick it up, the teen clocked him in the jaw, the butcher said.

"He swung at me, and then he ran," the 42-year-old butcher said, showing off a still-swollen cheek.

The whole ordeal was caught on surveillance video, and cops found Williams two days after the Monday heist-attempt.

The incident has prompted blog headlines such as "Is A Turkey In Your Pants, Or Are You Just Happy To Rob Me? and "When Stealing a Frozen Turkey, the 'Pregnant Belly' Approach Is Always Better Than the 'Popeye Leg' Approach."

WATCH video of the bird-brained 19-year-old's doomed robbery attempt below: