11/05/2010 05:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Prabal Gurung Was 'Petrified' To Meet Marc Jacobs On Halloween

Fashionologie caught up with Michelle Obama favorite Prabal Gurung in San Francisco on Thursday, where he talked about his seemingly stressful Halloween. You see, Gurung dressed up as fellow designer Marc Jacobs complete with kilt for a party at The Standard, and, as he tells it:

"I met some of [Jacobs's] friends, and they said, 'Come meet Marc!' As I was taking my steps toward him, I thought, what if he hates it? I'll be mortified, so I just said, 'No way.'" Gurung continued: "I was so petrified. I saw him the next day at the Women's Wear Daily event, and I just tried to avoid him! I just didn't know how he would react to it...I hope he liked it!"

Fashionologie also asked about Prabal's plans for awards season, to which he responded:

This is what I say: I never get into the red carpet race. We make ourselves available, and if an actress or stylist feels it is the right partnership, I'm always open to it, always. It is important for branding purposes to get your name out there, but what I don't believe in is the cutthroat kind of thing.

He remarked, "All the women that I've dressed are very intelligent, smart women. Beautiful, no doubt about it, but when you sit down and talk to them, they're not giddy...they'll talk sense to you. That's what I enjoy about dressing them." And, of course, he called Michelle Obama "a godsend."