Leigh Lezark: Karl Lagerfeld & I Have A Mutual Love Of Diet Coke

11/08/2010 03:55 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Misshapes DJ and Chanel muse Leigh Lezark wrote a short piece for the Telegraph about her style and she revealed the she and Kaiser Karl are great friends:

I have a really good relationship with Karl Lagerfeld. We have a mutual love of Diet Coke. My most treasured possessions are some Chanel 'gun' shoes he gave me. I was seriously worried that they would get confiscated when I took them on the plane. He also gave me some 'light-bulb' shoes that light up when you walk. I have built a special shelf in my house for them.

Now, that's some commitment to her footwear!

Lezark added that although she's flattered that girls blog about what she wears (ahem), "I never read what they write -- it would send me crazy. I did see some people dressed up as me on Hallowe'en, though. That was pretty cool."