11/09/2010 01:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cheating Scandal Rocks University Of Central Florida (VIDEO)

Nearly 600 University of Central Florida students must retake a midterm examination after a professor learned many of them had cheated on the original test.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, some students in the class had obtained a copy of the exam's answer key prior to the test. When professor Richard Quinn found out, he ordered those who did cheat to attend an ethics seminar and that everyone in the class must retake the exam -- even if their consciences were clean.

The Sentinel has more:

The incident, Quinn told students, has left him "physically ill, absolutely disgusted" and "completely disillusioned" after 20 years of teaching.

Cheaters typically risk disciplinary action that could include expulsion, university officials say.

But Quinn brokered a deal with the business dean that would allow students to clear their records if they owned up to cheating before the rewritten exam started being administered this morning.

According to, someone slipped the answer key under Quinn's door, after which he found further evidence of cheating.

Quinn was open about his disappointment in the students. "For those of you who took the shortcut, don't call me," he said. "Don't ask me to do anything for you ever."

WATCH Quinn's lecture: