9 Weirdest Hostels Around The World (PHOTOS)

11/09/2010 07:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yes, five star hotels and remote romantic resorts are lovely, but sometimes it's necessary to travel on the cheap. That's where hostels come in. Don't get scared--yes, sometimes they can make for a freaky travel experience, but sometimes they are just quirky enough to be fun and enjoyable.

Our friends at HostelWorld.com put together a list of the most unusual hostels in the world. And they should know: their database is home to 25,000 hostels in 180 countries.

From organic farms to coastal getaways to urban scenes, here are the 9 weirdest and loveliest hostels around the world.

Photos and captions courtesy of HostelWorld.com.

Weirdest Hostels Around The World