Humble Tip's LU Anthem: Liberty University's Rap Hit (VIDEO)

11/10/2010 03:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Kanye West is not the only one to rap about college and Jesus anymore.

Liberty University grad student Humble Tip (real name: Jason Lewis) is creating buzz as the self-described world's largest Christian university's resident hip-hop star.

His "LU Anthem," posted on YouTube only a few weeks ago, has collected more than 28,000 views and prompted largely positive reactions.

Liberty senior Tobi Trowbridge told WDBJ 7 that the song is "fantastic. It's a lot of fun," and sophomore Joshua Cole added "I know a lot of people do like it and they are like, 'oh what? They are rapping and it's Christian rap?' That's hot!"

The song preaches love for alma mater and Jesus Christ -- memorable lyrics include: "Where the Spirit of The Lord is, that's my school/ No drugs, sex or drinking, we define what's cool/ A lot of people do not like us, but that's just fuel/ That helps the flame burn brighter, we refuse to lose". Still, the ditty makes some older alum -- who, as Lewis contends, prefer more traditional tunes -- uncomfortable.

But from a mainstream perspective, the song may be one of the less controversial elements to emerge from Liberty University. The school, originally named Lynchburg Baptist College by founder Jerry Falwell, teaches creationism and has hosted convocation speakers like Ken Ham and Carrie PreJean. Glenn Beck was the school's most recent commencement speaker.

Below, check out Humble Tip's "LU Anthem." And -- as an added bonus -- our personal favorite, "S.P.F" (Salvation Prevents Fire).

Are these songs bumpin', or just sacrilege? Let us know what you think.