Jim McMahon, Former NFL Quarterback, Suffering From Memory Loss: Report

11/10/2010 11:10 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jim McMahon, a former NFL quarterback, is suffering from memory loss due to injuries suffered on the football field, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"My memory's pretty much gone. There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there," McMahon reportedly said. "I'm going through some studies right now and I am going to do a brain scan. It's unfortunate what the game does to you."

McMahon went on to say that when he was hit hard back then, he would "tape an aspirin" to his helmet and go back in.

The 51-year-old won the Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears in 1986. He also played for the Chargers, Eagles, Vikings, Packers and Cardinals.