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Step-Mom Success: How To Deal With The Ex-Wife

First Posted: 11/10/10 10:55 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:10 PM ET

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By C.J. Parker

You've finally found the One. He's kind, loving and comes with some delightful freckle-faced baggage: a darling little boy whom you adore. So what's the problem? The other woman . . . your man's ex . . . the mother of that speckled moppet. Forging a cordial relationship with your husband's ex is crucial, not only for the child's sake, but for the health of your marriage as well. Fear not! It can be done, and here's how:

You Are Switzerland
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I know, I know. You've heard the whole sordid story from her non-stop nagging to her spendthrift ways, or worse. You can listen sympathetically all day long to the man you love and nod soberly at still another example of outrageous behavior from the shrew that is the mother of his children. But then you must step back, take a deep breath and push it deep down into the recesses of your mind. Compartmentalize, lady! You have to come from a place of neutrality because if you really do begin to dislike, okay hate, your man's ex - make no mistake, she will know it. You don't have to love her, or even like her, but you can't hate her. People can easily see, hear and physically feel hate. Do you remember that girl in high school? The one you stole that cute bass player from? She despied you - and you knew it.

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