11/10/2010 12:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Can't We Unfriend? WAR Re-Records Song For 'National Unfriend Day' (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel continued his promotion of "National Unfriend Day" last night with a little help from the band WAR.

The idea behind this new holiday on Nov. 17 is to get rid of your most annoying Facebook friends once and for all. You know the types: friends from high school who you haven't spoken to in 10 years but now know what their kids eat for lunch? Or the loose acquaintances who constantly send you invitations to Farmville games and Justin Bieber quizzes? Couldn't you do without these people in your life?

WAR is definitely supporting the holiday, and even re-recorded one of their most popular songs to suit the occasion. Listen to "Why Can't We Unfriend?" below and see decide for yourself which Facebook friends you can do without.