11/11/2010 09:13 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

5 YouTube 'Stars' That Brands Love (VIDEOS)

While big cable companies struggle to retain subscribers, some YouTube "stars" are drawing large audiences--and ad dollars to match.

According to AdWeek, this new wave of Internet celebrities attract subscribers with entertaining videos that receive thousands, sometimes millions, of views. YouTubers who engage directly with their audiences are ideal vehicles for brands like Mattel, Lancome, McDonalds, Kraft, GE and more. AdWeek reports that these YouTube stars earn "six-figure ad revenue deals from Google, [and] up to $20,000 a pop for branded videos."

Take a look through our slideshow of YouTube celebrities that brands love, based on data by analytics and advertising firm TubeMogul. How do you feel about YouTube video stars who accept brand sponsorship? Are they smart or are they sellouts? Share your thoughts in the comments below, then check out our slideshow of top-earning YouTubers.

5 YouTubers Brands Love