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For-Profit College Recruiters Caught Giving False Advice (WATCH)

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ABC has once again caught for-profit colleges engaging in bad behaviors.

This time, the offenses involve bad advice and hyperbolizations.

After a Remington College professor was surprised to find two convicted felons on his class roster, ABC sent an undercover producer posing as a convicted felon to meet with a Remington recruiter. When the producer told the recruiter of his felony conviction, the recruiter assured him they would work with him and that he could find work in law enforcement or corrections. But according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, those convicted of felonies are barred from working in those areas.

In another instance, a DeVry University recruiter grossly exaggerated the percentage of graduates who obtained jobs upon graduation.

Though their policies are under fire, for-profit college leaders aren't hurting for cash. Bloomberg reported this week that for-profit college executives earned $2 billion running the schools. Strayer Education Inc. CEO Robert Silberman earned $41.9 million last year -- 26 times more than the highest-paid non-profit university president. Seventy-five percent of Strayer's revenue comes from taxpayers.

Read ABC's full report here.


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