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Hit-And-Run Caught On Surveillance Tape At Gas Station (VIDEO)

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A hit-and-run at a South Side gas station was caught on surveillance tape, and police are now searching for the driver.

Jose Arroya was at the Marathon station on 63rd and California, getting back into the minivan where his wife waited for him. Without warning, a red SUV -- an older Ford Explorer, from the looks of it -- hits Arroya, sideswipes the minivan, and then drives off.

From NBC Chicago:

"The truck comes and pushes him and he flips in the air," said family friend Sandra Gonzalez, who translated for Arroya.
Authorities initially thought the driver cut through the gas station to avoid a red light but later said it appeared the driver was instead trying to make a quick U-turn.

Arroya has been hospitalized all week, and while it appears that he'll make a full recovery, he is reportedly concerned about losing his job, after missing days of work recuperating.

Watch the surveillance tape:

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