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The 7 Most Affordable College Towns: Forbes List

First Posted: 11/12/10 08:15 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:10 PM ET

A new study by Coldwell Banker Real Estate reveals that many students and their families are opting to purchase houses in college towns rather than pay for dorms, reports Forbes.

To determine rankings, Coldwell Banker looked at the list prices of houses in 120 college towns, which had at least 6 homes available for purchase between April and September of 2010. Forbes gives the fifteen most affordable college towns. Below, check out the top seven -- and why buying, rather than renting, might be a good idea.

Would you purchase a house in any of these towns? Share your thoughts below.

Muncie, Indiana (Ball State University)
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Thinking about living in Muncie? You might be pleased to know that the town hosts an annual Muncie Gras -- a fundraising event that features live music and other entertainment, and draws an average crowd of 8,000. Muncie is also home to frequent farmers markets and gun shows.
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