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Wikipedia Fundraising Begins: $16 Million Needed To Stay Free

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Wikipedia isn't as free as it might seem.

Wikimedia, the non-profit that runs the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia as well as a number of sister sites, has kicked off its 2010 "contribution campaign" and aims to raise double what it did last year.

The organization announced in a blog post that it needs to raise $16 million in order to "maintain the infrastructure necessary to keep these sites free, stable, and running smoothly, while also continually improving the systems and architecture behind them."

Wikimedia has set aside a 2-month fundraising period and released two "personal appeals" from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (See them here. Find out more about making a donation here)

Wikipedia isn't just asking for your money. Wikimedia's Philippe Beaudette writes 2010's contribution campaign is "designed to invite not only financial contributions, but to also encourage people to contribute their expertise and knowledge to the projects."

Last year, $20,294.12 from 566 donors was raised on the first day of the fundraising drive.

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