11/16/2010 04:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Aguayo Sues Oak Park Over Anti-Gay Harassment

Michael Aguayo, an employee of the village of Oak Park, has sued his employer over alleged harassment due to his sexual orientation.

Aguayo has worked for the village since 2001, but after he came out to his co-workers in late 2007, he endured repeated harassment and verbal threats, according to court documents.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that co-workers would refer to things that didn't work right in the office as "being gay," and suggested that certain statements about his sexual orientation could get him fired.

When Aguayo brought the issue to village officials' attention, they failed to investigate the remarks. Far from it: instead, the suit claims, Aguayo himself was reprimanded and demoted for bringing the problems to light.

He ultimately had to pursue medical attention for physical and psychological illness resulting from the harassment.

The six-count lawsuit seeks over $600,000 in damages, plus recompense for legal fees and medical expenses.

While the Sun-Times account suggested that Aguayo was fired by the village for causing a fuss, spokesman David Powers confirmed to TribLocal that Aguayo is still employed by Oak Park.