'I Love Boobies' Campaign: Does Cancer Bracelet Money Really Help Fund A Cure?

11/17/2010 01:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The "I Love Boobies" campaign, which spreads breast cancer awareness through plastic bracelets, is struggling to cope with its newfound success.

The campaign gained fame and sparked controversy last month when schools from California to Florida banned the bracelets for their inappropriate language.

The ACLU has since stepped in, filing a free-speech lawsuit against a Pennsylvania school district that suspended students for wearing the bracelets.

But amidst the campaign's growing popularity, bracelet wearers are beginning to question where their money is going.

Many are under the impression that much of the profits go directly to breast cancer research. But the California-based Keep A Breast Foundation says that it mission is to simply promote awareness and education to about breast cancer.

NBC reports that after taking in millions of dollars in 2010, the group has only given out 100,000 in breast-cancer related grants, and much of its profits is sitting in a bank account, unspent.