11/17/2010 01:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Most And Least Popular Study Abroad Locales

The Institute of International Education's recently released Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange found that .8 percent fewer American students studied abroad in the 2008 to 2009 school year than in the previous one. This marks the first reported decrease in 25 years.

Although the absolute level of students abroad remained relatively stable, the report reveals that major shifts occurred regarding where students chose to study. According to the report, the most popular locale, the UK, hosted 6 percent fewer students in 08-09 than it had the year before. The second, third, and fourth most visited countries -- Italy, Spain and France, respectively -- also saw declines. China, the fifth most popular destination, saw a 3.9 percent increase in international students.

With the decreased interest in countries in Western Europe comes a growing interest in South American and Asian countries, including Chile, Argentina and South Korea.

IIE's comprehensive report offers a number of annual data charts detailing rates of US students studying abroad, as well as international students in America. The full report is available for purchase on their website.

Below, see which of the top 25 study abroad locations gained visitors -- and which lost them -- this year. Did you go abroad? If so, where? Tell us your story below.

Study Abroad Destinations That Gained, And Lost, Popularity Amongst Students