Comme Ca's Newly Renovated Bar

11/18/2010 05:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Comme Ca--LA's extremely popular French-style brasserie, open since 2007, celebrated its newly renovated bar with 18A Cocktails and appetizers from the Hourglass Menu on Wednesday night. The new bar area features high top tables and a large sitting area, to make room for the multitude of patrons who simply want to enjoy a drink or a nibble from the new Hourglass Menu.

Although the menu is new, Chef/Owner David Myers--whose menu favorite is the Dungeness crab croquettes--says that the concept remains the same: "we really try to focus on the classics on the bistro side, but we also like to utilize all the local ingredients from the farmers markets to create new versions of bistro dishes. My team and myself are always trying to push the envelope a bit, but it's all about French bistro cooking."

The 18A bar also featured some new seasonal cocktails, which guests thoroughly enjoyed while mingling. The menu is a variety of original drinks, a cocktail du jour and several concoctions that can be custom-made upon request. "We have creative license to make up new drinks and can put a twist on the classics as well," explains bartender Tim Loden (who prefers the Manhattan for its smooth yet spicy taste). The mix of classic cocktails and seasonal drinks ensure that every night at Comme Ca can be a different experience, or provide the comfort of the familiar. In either case, expect to be satisfied.

Comme Ca's New Bar Menu
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