Giuliana Rancic: 40 Women Have Offered To Be Surrogates For Me

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Giuliana Rancic has publicly struggled with infertility, gaining seven pounds on doctor's orders and eventually having a miscarriage after conceiving through IVF. Now she and husband Bill are trying again for a baby and she opened up to Us Weekly about the fertility treatments she is enduring.

"Sometimes I have to get [injections] 21 days in a row, three times a day," Giuliana, 36, told the magazine. "It's a lot. But you've got to do it."

Bill injects her more than 60 times a month and while they are still intent on having a biological baby, women all over are reportedly offering up their wombs and children to the couple.

"We've gotten probably 40 women who have offered to be surrogates," Giuliana said. "And the other day I got an email saying, 'My niece is having a baby, and she's giving it up for adoption and we'd like to give it up to you."

During their recent break from IVF, the couple took a romantic retreat to the desert, Popeater reported.

Giuliana told the website that a break from "worrying about shots, doctor's visits, ultrasounds and blood tests was just what the doctor ordered" but she is ready to give it all another go.

"We're ready to try again and we feel more optimistic than ever that we will have good news in the New Year. 2011 is our year," Bill said.

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