01/18/2011 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

John Boehner's Plot To Kill Congressional Ethics Office Slammed By Home State Tea Party

In spite of that expectation, Boehner is threatening to axe the Office of Congressional ethics. Established in March of 2008 after the Jack Abramoff scandal, the Office of Congressional Ethics is responsible for "launching investigations of wrongdoings by House Members" in order to "stiffen the spine of the House ethics committee." Operating as an inspector general of sorts, the OCE has "won praise for reviving the House's notoriously moribund and secretive ethics process."

Despite strong conservative support for OCE, "GOP leaders are gearing up to kill the fledgling" OCE. In doing so, Boehner is clashing head-on with the rhetoric of many newly-elected Republicans and the driving force behind them -- the Tea Party. In Boehner's home-state, the Tea Party has not only noticed this fact, but has issued him a warning.

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