11/19/2010 04:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Arrests In Arizona State Murder Case Do Little To Comfort Students

Though two suspects have been arrested in the October shooting death of Arizona State student Zachary Marco, many studying at the university are still fearful for their personal safety.

The Arizona Republic reports:

Some students are carrying knives, some have stopped chatting on the cellphones, many won't walk alone at night.

Ji-hyoung Woo, an earth and space exploration major who lives near the scene of Marco's death, said she is so nervous that she has arranged to call someone every night after she gets home from night classes "so they know I got home OK."

The city of Tempe, where the school is located, has a seen a rash of crime in recent months. Marco's murder in particular struck a chord with area residents. He was murdered while walking home from the library, allegedly for his laptop and cell phone.

According to CBS, Louis Eugene Harper, 20, and Marion Patterson, 17, were arrested in the case and face charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery.

Shortly after Zachary's death, Marco's father, Dan, a criminal defense attorney, made an emotional plea on television, saying that he would ensure that one of the armed robbers would get the best legal representation if he turned in his partner who shot the gun at Zach.