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Christmas Gifts 2010: 6 Green Presents For Men Under $100 (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 11/22/10 07:51 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:15 PM ET


Guys are impossible to buy gifts for. This isn't sexist, this is just a fact. Only a very specific few wear jewelry, and there's only so many ties that one man can own. Enter, here to ensure that this holiday season, 50% of the population will not receive another mug or pen. They have compiled a list of creative gifts for men, all under $100, and all green! (Environmentally green - only the board shorts and plates are the color green.)

Drifter Belt Buckles - $85
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Straight outta the NC hills, Drifted’s a fresh collection of handmade belt buckles made of locally-sourced castoffs from fiberglass to aluminum oil filters out of race cars. The Rogue series is a run of aluminum-backed, resin-coated pieces arranged from chunks of super-colorful surfboard fin panels (i.e., the black/yellow/white “Killer Buzz”, the Speed Racer-esque white/red/blue “White Heat”), and the Drifter series, joining said fin pieces with bits of black walnut in colorways like the wood & neon green “Retro Kelly.”

Available at
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