Pet Holiday 'Outliers'

11/23/2010 06:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mark Mellman and Jim Margolis break down Harry Reid's surprising victory in Nevada.

Steve Singiser reviews pollster accuracy in 2010.

Christian Heinze asks why women prefer Huckabee to Palin.

Gerald Seib analyzes the "mystery of the missing voters."

Joe Lenski cautions Republicans not to count on "pox on both your parties" voters.

Ruy Teixeira and Jay Cost spar over whether the electorate is moving to the right.

Nate Silver says economic models of presidential elections don't account enough for unemployment.

Tom Jensen notes that Republican leadership is not all that popular.

David Sparks maps the evolution of the two-party vote (via FlowingData).

A new AP-Petside poll finds a quarter of pet owners bring their pets with them on vacation.

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