11/23/2010 06:12 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Was Willow Smith's Outfit A Rip-Off? (PHOTOS)

Pint-sized fashionista Willow Smith has become the talk of the fashion town for her custom-made American Music Awards outfit...because it's a rip-off of a leather harness by the brand Mother of London.

Mother of London designer Mildred Von Hildegard spoke to website Haute Macabre about the design, saying, "I'm disappointed and saddened that this will negatively impact my business. My original design is now recognized in the mass media as someone else's work, and it's very hurtful on both...personal and professional levels. I hope this can be resolved, and I wish nothing but the best to Willow."

But no one seems to know whose work it is. According to Fashionista, Mariel Haenn, Willow's sometimes-stylist, Tweeted, "Just an fyi, we only dressed Rihanna last nite. I don't like when people try to credit me for work that's not mine #justsayin," and e-mailed Coilhouse magazine: "To be honest I have no idea who 'styled' her or the designer. Wish I did. I don't ask my clients who they used when I'm not available."

Check out Willow's ensemble:

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