10 Hottest Hotel Lobbies in Barcelona, Spain (PHOTOS)

11/24/2010 09:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today, we'd like to teleport to Barcelona, Spain, home of famous Catalan design and culture, as well as tapas and cava. Barcelona is one of the more unique cities in Western Europe, with its dual-band city and beach mentality.

Perhaps Andrea B. Werbel, Founder & Managing Director of Parasol, a brand marketing and communications firm specializing in the luxury lifestyle and hospitality industry across the globe, describes the atmosphere quite accurately:

Barcelona captures the sophistication of a cosmopolitan city along with the beauty and charm found along the Mediterranean, and is deeply textured architecturally with highly stylized design. The culture of the city, from the art and design to the fashion, is reflected throughout the city's hotels. Whether travelers are seeking an ultra modern, trendy style hotel, a more traditional Catalan influence, an elegant resort property, or an intimate boutique , the possibilities are endless in this dynamic city.

10 Hottest Hotel Lobbies in Barcelona, Spain
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