11/24/2010 07:58 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Meghan McCain: Sarah Palin's Media Domination 'Either Brilliant Or Insane'

Meghan McCain, Sen. John McCain's blogging daughter and aspiring Obama ass-kicker, is out with a new post arguing that Sarah Palin is on a mission to "saturate the American public until we forget that anything or anyone else exists or is even an option in 2012."

With the release of a new book, her popular reality TV show, dominant use of social media to secure a one-way channel to the press, and a media empire that is expanded by her daughter Bristol's presence on the hit show, "Dancing With The Stars," McCain argues that Palin will continue to blanket all forms of media until the only foreseeable outcome is that people begin to believe that "there are no other choices, because, can't you see, she is the only choice."

McCain says that the former Alaska Governor is running for president, and that in the upcoming election cycle, Palin "could hypothetically skip the debates and any national interviews with anyone other than Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck."

Even if Palin ends up employing such a strategy, however, could it make Palin a viable candidate for the nation's highest office?

The former Alaska Governor herself sure seems to think so, though recent interviews with the New York Times and ABC News may signify that she is lowering her blockade on the "lamestream media." Katie Couric is still blackballed, however. Palin said recently that she believed she could beat Obama in a matchup, and Meghan McCain says that she could indeed be right, but only if the electorate is willing to accept a somewhat shallow set of requirements for a presidential candidate.

"If those citizens only need a gorgeously produced reality show, beautiful family, and well-narrated talking points in order to give someone an opening on the road to the White House, then say hello to President Palin," McCain writes. "In the meantime, what she is doing is brilliant."