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Share How You're Preventing A Third World America!

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 11/30/10 08:43 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:15 PM ET

All across the country, Americans are suffering. In her book, Third World America, Arianna details the economic collapse -- and the toll it has taken on so many people, families, and communities.

Looking beyond all the negative news, we've mapped success stories, both the ones submitted by readers and those we're highlighting in our daily "Greatest Person" series. But the map is not yet complete: click "Participate" below to add your story. Submit text, pictures, or video -- and share with us how you personally have been affected by the financial crisis -- and how you're overcoming it.

How have you been impacted by the financial crisis -- and how are you bouncing back? What are you doing to help prevent America from ever becoming a Third World nation?

We want to hear how you and those you love have been affected, how you are recovering, and what you're doing to improve your own community -- and, by extension, the entire country. Let us know in writing or upload a video to YouTube and send us the link, and we will add your story to the map!

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