11/29/2010 02:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Guide To Tipping Doormen During The Holidays

For those lucky enough to live in a building with a doorman, it's time to pay the piper.

As December quickly approaches, doormen will be expecting their annual dose of monetary holiday cheer.

Brick Underground has a list of dos and dont's for tippers and doormen to help avoid any hard feelings or awkward interactions.

For residents:

1. Know that many doormen keep lists of what was given to them monetarily the previous year. More money is great, the same amount at least means nothing has changed, while a dramatic decrease may have a doorman thinking. We are absolutely in tune with the fact that times are rough, but some doormen take the huge drop in cash personal, especially if they feel they have performed their duties up to par. So try and base your tip accordingly.

2. While every doormen prefer cash, they do accept gifts, be it cologne, scarves, hats or gloves. Just know that they definitely don't like FRUITCAKES!

For doormen:

1. Always receive an envelope with the left hand and shake with the right. (A hug and even a respectable kiss on the cheek is allowed for possibly someone who has been around for quite some time and is comfortable with that person.)

2. Never count your money in an open space. Everyone knows you make a ton of money around this time of year. No need to throw it in anyone's face.

And here's a tipping guide for other service industry folks.