11/30/2010 01:34 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bing Search Tools: 21 Tips That Everyone Should Know (PICTURES)

Launched in 2009, Microsoft's Bing faces the tough task of getting users to make the switch from search engine behemoth Google, among others. However, Bing has steadily been making inroads and has captured some 11% of the search market , according to ComScore's most recent tally.

The Bing team at Microsoft frequently unveil new search tools aimed at making the Bing experience as efficient and competitive as possible--Microsoft calls it a "decision engine," rather than a search engine.

We've compiled a list of Bing's handiest tricks and tips that will help you do everything from determining how much cash you'll need for a cab ride, to how bad the traffic is or what your Facebook friends have been reading. Some may come as a surprise, although others may be well-known (and used) by regular Bing users.

Browse our slideshow of Bing tips, and vote for the ones that you think are the most useful. Do you know of a better Bing search tool? Share your favorites by emailing us at technology[at], or upload a new slide using the "Add a Slide" tool (below).

Bing Search Tools(CLONED)