11/30/2010 08:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Piers Morgan Joins Twitter: New CNN Host's First Tweets

Piers Morgan has joined Twitter, posting his first tweets this afternoon.

The new CNN host, who will be replacing Larry King's time slot in January, made his Twitter debut by stating: "BREAKING NEWS: I'm now a Twit. Official."

Morgan is already following 14 Twitter accounts, mostly CNN accounts as well as Martha Stewart, Howie Mandel and Donald Trump. So far, he's been tweeting via the Web and a BlackBerry. His account noticeably does not include "CNN" like many employees. Former anchor Rick Sanchez had to drop the CNN from his account name after he was fired.

See Morgan's first five tweets and how some in the Twitterverse reacted to his tweeting debut, including CNN employees. And check out how it stacks up with other first tweets from celebrities.

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