12/01/2010 04:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HIV-Positive Chilean Mothers Claim To Be Forcibly Sterilized, Abused In Hospitals (VIDEO)

As nations around the world commemorate World AIDS Day, a group of HIV-positive women in Chile has come forward with more sobering news, claiming they were forcibly sterilized after giving birth.

A new report by the Center for Reproductive Rights, "Dignity Denied: Violations of the Rights of HIV-Positive Women in Chilean Health Facilities" examined the allegations of 27 HIV-positive women living in Chile. Researchers found that the Chilean women were routinely denied care, verbally abused, and pressured to agree to sterilization -- or sterilized without their consent.

"We are not animals, we are human beings and we deserve some respect," said one woman. Though her baby was not HIV-positive, she claims she was told if she refused to be sterilized, the child would be given up for adoption. "Even hospital personnel discriminate against us."

Watch Al-Jazeera's full report on the Chilean women's claims here: