12/01/2010 02:53 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jamie McCourt Rejects Settlement, Dodger Ownership Pending

Frank and Jamie McCourt had until noon Tuesday to accept or reject the settlement that would determine ownership of the Dodgers.

The deadline has now come and gone, and still the pair are at an impasse--Frank accepted the proposal, and Jamie turned it down.

Despite orders of confidentiality from the court, news of the impasse was released by Marc Seltzer, one of Frank's attorneys.

Seltzer said that Frank had accepted the proposal because it was "the responsible thing to do for his family, the Dodgers organization and the entire community."

"We can only conclude that Jamie rejected Judge Lichtman's settlement proposal and is allowing this matter to drag on further," he added.

Jamie's lawyers responded by upholding the confidentiality of the proceedings.

"We believe that the Court ordered complete confidentiality regarding the settlement proposal and everything related to it," said Michael Kump, one of Jamie's lawyers. "We believe it would be a violation to say anything about the proposal or anything related to it."

The McCourts, who have four grown sons, announced their separation in October 2009, after almost 31 years of marriage. They purchased the team--now valued at $727 million--in 2004.

Frank was ordered to pay $225,000 a month in temporary spousal support in May, in addition to $412,159 monthly for mortgages on the couple's real estate properties.

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