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Narcissists More Likely To Cheat On Tests: Study

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Narcissistic college students are more likely to cheat on tests, a new study reports.

According to Science Blog, narcissists are inclined to cheat because they want to show off academically -- and are able to bypass feeling guilty for their actions.

The report's lead author, Ohio State University at Newark assistant psychology professor Amy Brunell, told Science Blog that "Narcissists really want to be admired by others, and you look good in college if you're getting good grades."

She continued: "Narcissists feel the need to maintain a positive self-image and they will sometimes set aside ethical concerns to get what they want."

Earlier this year, a study out of San Diego State University and the University of South Alabama found that narcissism was on the rise among college students.

Perhaps this explains why 600 University of Central Florida students were nabbed for cheating last month?

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