12/02/2010 06:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cher: Tea Party Is F**king Nuts! (VIDEO)

Cher made clear her political leanings while appearing on The Tonight Show, dismissing Sarah Palin and calling out the Tea Party movement.

Sitting with Jay Leno on November 24th, the 'Burlesque' star covered her love life, new film, paparazzi and, most provocatively, the Republican Party.

On Sarah Palin, she said, "She has a reality show? Oh God. I can only get myself in problems and then no Republicans will come and see the movie," hinting strongly at a distate for the former Governor of Alaska. And the Tea Party as a whole?

"Oh, I just think they're f***king nuts!" Cher told Leno.

And if you want to talk to her about her political opinions, there's an easy way: Cher also talked about her very active Facebook account.