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Kate Moss Dishes On Her First Boyfriend & Their Ugly Breakup

First Posted: 12/02/2010 12:32 pm Updated: 05/25/2011 6:15 pm

Kate Moss talked to the UK's Stylist magazine and she dished on her very first boyfriend. Who was the lucky lad?

"Oh no, I can't...." she says, eyes widening. Has that memory been long buried? "No, no, no; he was lovely. I was 14, he was my first love, and it lasted two years." How did it end? "We went to a club and he wasn't supposed to be there and I was with this other guy. There was a big fight and then he got thrown out by the bouncers because he went mental at me. Then he got mugged on the way home." She cringes, "I don't speak to him now but my mum still sees his mum."

She talked about her 8-year-old daughter, Lila, calling her a "mini-me."

"She's so amazing but then sometimes I'm like, 'Oh my, it's like looking in the mirror.'" [....] "She's very sensitive but also very grown up, just like I was. I was more grown up when I was 10 than I probably am now and very serious as a child, probably because I went to work when I was 14."

She also shared her thoughts on being chased by the paparazzi:

"It depends," says Kate. "Sometimes it just gets like..." She grimaces. "If it's work, it's different. It's not just going to a party, is it? But if I'm getting ready with my friends and we're going to a party in a house, I love it. It's so much fun.


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