11/17/2010 08:24 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Creative Minds 2011: Watch Perry Chen's Exclusive Interview (VIDEO)

As we we reach the end of the year, you'll no doubt be inundated with "best of 2010" lists on every topic imaginable. But we also want to look ahead to 2011--to the creative minds we're expecting great things from. These people have wowed us in many ways, but are nowhere near done.

Perry Chen is one of the founders of Kickstarter, an Internet platform that allows anyone with artistic goals--filmmakers, guitarists, dancers--to solicit outside pledges like a political candidate. (Artists keep all rights; the site takes a five percent cut of the money raised.) The artists only get the money--and are obligated to follow through on their projects--if they reach a minimum level of funding. The founders, former struggling artists themselves, started the site in April 2009, after, as Strickler put it, "We just realized how hard it is to find money to do creative things." By November 2010, the site had successfully "crowdfunded" more than 3,500 projects and raised more than $20 million in pledges.

Watch our exclusive interview with Chen, below.



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