Ann Stanczyk Claims NYPD Beat Her For Not Picking Up After Her Dog

12/08/2010 05:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Queens woman is claiming the NYPD savagely beat her for not picking up after a dog that wasn't hers. Ann Stanczyk, a Polish immigrant, has filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board and plans on suing the department.

The Daily News reports:

Stanczyk, a married housewife from Rockaway Beach, was walking her terrier, Psotka - Polish for "prankster" - when she wound up in a confrontation with two uniformed officers from the 100th Precinct, Shaun Grossweiler and Richard DeMartino.

"They saw my dog and they said I didn't clean up," said Stanczyk, fighting back tears as she spoke in halting English. "I said, 'No, she only pee.' They, of course, not agree with me and I say, 'Show me. Where is it?'"

The officers found dog feces nearby, she said.

"Pick it up," she said one cop ordered her. "I got scared. I pick up. I said, 'It's cold, not belong to my dog.' When I smiled and said I didn't do anything, that made them very upset."

At that point, Stanczyk was handcuffed and arrested. When she used her feet to try to prevent them from closing the patrol car door to secure her, she says, the beating began.

Pictures of Stanczyk taken after the incident show her bruised and bloodied up.

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