12/08/2010 03:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How Bryanboy, Fashion Blogger, Makes Over $100,000 A Year

Update: To clarify, Bryanboy is not a contestant in Sunglass Hut's Full Time Fabulous Blogger competition, but a judge. Which means his $100,000 isn't coming from the shades store, but elsewhere (advertising, appearances and miscellany).

Previously: Last week, we found out how much money a model really makes -- and we were surprised that editorial work (i.e. Vogue) pays only $125, while ad campaigns (H&M) mean $60,000 per gig.

Now, thanks to The Cut, we've found out how much a fashion blogger could make (note: he's not your average fashion blogger). Meet 24-year-old Bryan Grey-Yambao a.k.a. Bryanboy.

He brings in over $100,000 a year, scoring bucks by advertising on his own website and he will sometimes charge for making appearances, explaining to The Cut, "But if it's something or somebody that I support, then of course I'm not going to charge. For me money is really not the issue, it's about getting material and getting my content." In any case, it seems like he's been everywhere in the last year. Including in the arms of Marc Jacobs (see slide 6 below). Swoon.

Bryanboy also dished on his relationship with Anna Wintour, which developed after he was featured in Vogue's March issue:

In February of this year at Prabal Gurung, Bryan Boy tapped Wintour on the shoulder and thanked her for the Vogue feature. "She said, 'Oh, it's you. They were great photos, thank you for doing it.' And since then I approach her during Fashion Weeks, say hi, and she's so wonderful. So for me I don't really understand the whole hullabaloo about how she's this cold icy person. She's been warm and gracious to me."

Check out where Bryanboy's been: