12/08/2010 09:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Erotic Grimm's Fairy Tale Book Pulled From Children's Shelves In China

An X-rated collection of Grimm Brothers' classic fairy tales -- including one in which the heroine engages in sexual relations with both her father and seven dwarves -- has been pulled from children's bookstores in China, the AFP is reporting.

China Friendship Publishing Company and Bejing Media Time were to blame for the storybook gaffe, after they mistook a Japanese pornographic reinterpretation of the tales for the German originals. According to the Telegraph, about 150 copies of the books were sold in Hangzhou before complaints from parents led to the recall.

Reportedly among the many stories is a raunchy retelling of the classic "Snow White" tale, in which the princess enjoys a steamy romp with the seven dwarves. After she bites the poisoned apple, a necrophiliac Prince Charming falls in love with her dead body.

"Readers called us to say they did not think the book was healthy for children," said Li Yong, the deputy chairman of the publisher, is quoted by the Telegraph as saying. "After that, we pulled all the copies off shelves across the country before last Wednesday."

As to how the saucy book -- which listed only the Grimm Brothers as authors -- had gone to press without the proper proofreading, an official identified only as Yuan would only say the process was "complicated."

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