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Mark Udall Slams White House Tax Deal

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Colorado Senator Mark Udall came out forcefully on Tuesday against a White House-brokered deal on tax rates.

"Just last week, a bipartisan group appointed by the President called our national debt a 'cancer' that is threatening our country from within... Now, exactly four days later, we are being asked by the President to add $900 billion to that debt over the next two years," Udall said of a deal the Obama Administration negotiated with Congressional Republicans.

The deal would extend the Bush Tax Cuts, which were due to expire in 2011, for all tax brackets for two years. In exchange, Republicans have agreed to extend unemployment insurance benefits for one year, while also lowering the payroll tax by two percentage points for a year.

"While I still want to examine the details, my first response to this proposal is to be opposed," Udall said in a statement.

Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado has said he's still reviewing the deal, and has not yet said where he stands.

"His priorities remain extending tax cuts for the middle class, extending unemployment insurance for Coloradans who are struggling to find their way in this savage economy," a Bennet spokesman told the Denver Post.