15 Vintage Postcards From Europe (PHOTOS)

12/09/2010 08:27 am ET | Updated Sep 13, 2012

The romantic in us wishes that snail mail would come back in fashion. There's something so much more personal about a handwritten note: scribbles, cross-outs, and all. We've noticed that a time people more reliably send snail mail, however, is when traveling. Physically holding a piece of paper that has journeyed hundreds, thousands of miles and places we've never seen has not lost its allure. Of course, this travel souvenir has always been the most appetizing in the form of a candy-colored postcard.

Take a peek into traveling life decades and decades ago with this collection of vintage postcards from Europe. Ranging in dates from 1898 to 1961, each image is a mini armchair travel expedition of its own!

Do you have any old postcards from Europe? We'd love to see them up here!

Vintage Postcards
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