12/10/2010 02:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Woman Finds Squirrel Swimming In Toilet, Calls 911 (VIDEO)

The police can sometimes get a bad rap, but we often forget the important role they play in our community. Case in point: the police in Edmond, OK, recently performed their civic duty with valor and integrity. The culprit in question? A renegade toilet-swimming squirrel.

In a scenario straight out of a Dreamworks animated movie, a local woman was startled to find a squirrel splashing around in her toilet. So she did what anyone would do -- called 911. The dispatcher sent over a cop to apprehend the critter, who immediately called for backup. Apparently the crime rate in Edmond is such that apprehension of squirrels is a priority.

Check out the video below. Come for the rodent chase, stay for the squirrel-related puns dished out by the local news.


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