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12/13/2010 06:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Islamic Defenders Front, Indonesia Muslim Group, Targets 'Immoral' Nightclubs, Christians And Liberal Muslims

Over the past six months, the Islamic Defenders Front has successfully rallied to imprison the editor of Indonesia's very tame version of Playboy Magazine, stabbed a Christian pastor nearly to death and raided Asia's largest gay film festival in Jakarta.

Billing itself as a rogue version of Indonesia's moral police, the group -- a self-proclaimed, 15-million strong "pressure group" -- is swearing to rid its country of sin, GlobalPost is reporting. Also on the group's hit list: prostitutes, gamblers, liberal Muslims and evangelical Christians.

"Society is diseased. Diseased with a social infection that violates Shariah," the group's 53-year-old co-founder, Tubagus Muhammed Siddiq, is quoted as saying in reference to Islamic law. "We fear for Indonesia's future."

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