12/13/2010 12:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Dion, Actor, Crushed Between Subway And Platform

An independent movie actor was trapped between a 4 train and one of the hydraulic platform extenders that appear along the platform in the Union Square station.

Michael Dion was trapped for 30 minutes on Friday night until police could free him. He is in the surgical intensive-care unit at Bellevue Hospital.

"He was screaming, and you could hear him over the people crowded around him," said Josh Betters, who witnessed the incident.

Janice Carter, the train's operator, said that as soon as the train came to a stop, people were banging on her window telling her a man had gotten stuck.

"I secured my train and came out to investigate," Carter said. "It was complete madness. People everywhere. I saw the man between the gap filler and the train. He was yelling."

Subway commuters comforted the man the best they could, holding his hands until the operators were able to release him thirty minutes later.