12/14/2010 05:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Steele Website's Image Gallery Hints At Long Re-Election Campaign

As you no doubt already know, RNC Chair Michael Steele has decided to buck the conventional wisdom (that he is a terrible chair of the RNC) and run for a second term. To that end, he has launched a "Re-elect Chairman Steele" website aiming to emphasize an RNC that is "Better, Stronger, and Prouder" as opposed to "Poorer, Tainted by Scandalous Debt, All But Replaced By American Crossroads, and Constantly Laughed At By Everybody."

Liz Mair today reports on an interesting thing about this website: Its images directory is viewable online. Says Mair:

Ooh, the temptation of finding secret pictures of Michael Steele himself partying in a lesbian-bondage-themed Hollywood night club!

Not so fast... the thousands (I'm guessing-- review the screenshots way, way below and judge for yourself) of images are actually interesting in a rather different way, namely insofar as they seem to rebut an assertion being made by Steele and his folks prior to the election. That whole Fire Pelosi! bus tour was supposed to be solely about helping Republican candidates across the country, right? It wasn't at all supposed to a stealth Steele re-election tour, right?

Wrong... or at least its purpose as between then and now has morphed. Pretty much every picture I opened (and I didn't open them all because I have work to do and things) is of Steele on the tour. And, of course, they're sitting in the images directory of his re-election website.

Here's what I think is extraordinary about this. It's easy enough to document the moments over the past two years that have caused many, many hundreds of people to call for Steele's resignation. But now Steele counters with a coffee table book's worth of images that depict himself doing things that cause no discernible harm to the RNC. It really rebuts the contention that the naked eye of human beings never captured such a thing, so points to Steele.

Anyway, if you've ever wanted to start a blog called "Pictures Of Michael Steele Looking At Stuff," it's your time to shine. (If you'd just like to take a tour through the images, click here.)

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