12/14/2010 05:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WikiLeaks Protests: Julian Assange Supporters Demonstrate Outside London Courthouse

Dozens of demonstrators descended upon the City of Westminster Magistrate's Court in London Tuesday, jostling for room as they protested in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who currently faces sexual assault charges.

As the BBC is reporting, about 100 supporters took over the sidewalk outside of the courtroom, carrying banners which read "Justice for Julian," and "show trial," a reference to a statement reportedly used by Assange's attorney to describe the direction he felt legal proceedings were taking. Others chanted statements like, "free Julian now!" and "don't shoot the messenger."

"We are standing up for the freedom to know what our government is doing," said Lindsey German of Britain's Stop The War campaign, who was among the protesters. "We can't trust what our governments are doing. They lied to us over Afghanistan, they lied to us over Iraq and they continue to lie to us."

Despite being granted bail, Assange is to remain behind bars despite being granted bail, after his dispute with the world's biggest credit card companies forced his supporters into the position of trying to raise over $200,000 in cash.

View photos of the protests here: