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First Posted: 12/14/10 11:20 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 07:20 PM ET


Colorado Springs has been named "Santa's Favorite City," and it has nothing to do with the city's reputation as a hub of Christian Conservatism.

The real estate website crunched numbers in a variety of categories to determine which cities in the U.S. would be most amenable to St. Nicholas's needs on Christmas Eve.

Zillow calculated its rankings based on percentage of homes with a fireplace, percentage of single-story homes, weather, percent of homes with children, population density, and roof size.

Colorado Springs ranked high in each of these categories to edge out Wichita, Kansas and Los Angeles for the top spot. Denver was determined to be Santa's tenth-favorite city.

None of Santa's favorite cities, according to Zillow's calculations, were east of the Mississippi River.


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