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'Draft Sarah Palin' Group Launches (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: A previous version of this story, based off of an OpenSecrets article, incorrectly stated that a 'birther' by the name of Gary Kreep had co-founded Draft Sarah Palin. He did not. Kreep is "not connected to this group," Draft Sarah Palin's treasurer tells The Huffington Post. We apologize for the error.


Sarah Palin's presidential prospects may soon be getting a monetary boost from a powerful independent expenditure committee called Draft Sarah Palin.

Though the newly created faction will technically be allowed to raise unlimited sums of money from a variety of sources thanks to the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling earlier this year, Randy Goodwin, treasurer and co-founder of Draft Sarah Palin, told OpenSecrets that the group planned on homing in on small, grassroots donations.

"Sarah Palin is the single most effective leader in the Republican Party," he wrote to OpenSecrets in an e-mail. "When voters get a chance to know the real Sarah Palin -- not the unfair stereotype that bears no resemblance to reality -- we believe her support will increase to include independents, moderates and conservative Democrats."

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