12/16/2010 03:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Blythe Danner: 'We've All Fooled Around' With Botox

Blythe Danner's skin looks quite good in 'Little Fockers,' and there's a good reason for it: she's admitted to undergoing plastic surgery.

"Well, I think we've all fooled around with [botox]," Danner revealed to Us Magazine. "I think, you know, we've got so much at our fingertips now, why not take advantage of it? There are extraordinary things that can help us now."

But while she's taken advantage of small enhancements, she's no fan of the big facial changes.

"I mean I can't stand the big, puffy lips," she said. "That stuff is just crazy! And the cheekbones that come out to here! I feel like, 'Why do they think they have to do that?'"

Danner, of course, is not the only Hollywood star to admit to going under the knife. Jane Fonda admitted in February to having her eyes, nose and chin done, and the Kardashian sisters admit to work done, as well -- breast implants and botox for Kourtney, and just botox for Kim.

There's also the dark side of celebrity plastic surgery. Exhibit A would be reality celeb Heidi Montag, who has had ten plastic surgeries and looks completely different than when she started.

On the flip side, Jamie Lee Curtis has sworn off work, telling Huffington Post that she said, "Boo," to botox.