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Jerry Hall Reveals LSD Trip Inspired Her To Start Modeling

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Harper's Bazaar caught up with Jerry Hall who had quite the interesting story about how she decided to get into modeling:

It wasn't until she took LSD at a high school party that she began to understand her potential. "A boy gave me a quarter of a tab. I didn't know what it was!" she says. "I actually had never taken drugs and was very nervous. And I never did take drugs [afterward] ever, ever. But I locked myself in the bathroom and spent the whole night staring in the mirror, going, 'Oh, my God.'" She runs her fingers over the contours of her face. "All of a sudden, I thought, Wow!"

And so, a few weeks before her 17th birthday, she flew to Paris. "I sort of had a turning thing. One of those moments where you decide you're going to do something really wild. And I did it."

She also recalled for Harper's Bazaar what she had on when she met ex-husband Mick Jagger:

"I was wearing linen trousers, kind of full, '30s, and they buttoned at the side. I had this crocheted sweater; it was '30s too, with short sleeves and a knitted collar. And a matching straw beret. All '30s. I always liked to do a look from a period, you know. Ha, ha! And I loved the '50s. The Hollywood sort of slightly slutty glamour. I still love that."

Hall noted that she's on great terms with Mick's current partner, designer L'Wren Scott. She even owns one of L'Wren's dresses.

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